Originally Aired: Jun 4, 2022

Guest: Dr. Grove Higgins


In this episode of the Cerebral Edge, I sit down and talk with Dr. Grove Higgins about, why we get sick and what he is doing to change medicine and how to get healthier. 

Dr. Grove Higgins has worked in the health field for nearly 30 years. He started as a physical therapy assistant in the early 1990's. Since he earned his doctorate in Chiropractic medicine with a private practice and is a successful corporate consultant, helping companies avoid loss from repetitive strain disorders. Dr. Higgins's goal has always been to help his patients achieve more than they thought possible.


In 2010 Dr. Higgins met retired Army Lt. Col. Patrick Marques. Both are passionate individuals seeking to maintain a high quality of health for themselves and show others how good life could be. Dr. Higgins co-founded LifeQuest Transitions, a non-profit serving wounded, ill, and injured soldiers, and created the curriculum to help over 2,500 soldiers transition to civilian life. 


Unfortunately, after the non-profit dissolved in 2012, each went their separate ways. Pat Marques worked for the Wounded Warrior Project and Dr. Higgins returned to private practice.


In 2015, they reunited to open a new clinical practice and to develop the concept of an online education center and resource called NeuroAthlete. In 2017, talks began with Dr. Aaron Frasier to co-locate the NeuroAthlete clinic with Flying Horse Medical Center. They thus began the building of the Monument site. This new facility provides Dr. Higgins and NeuroAthlete with customized space to serve clients more effectively, whether in person or online.


Dr. Higgins is married with three beautiful children. He and his family thrive in the Colorado mountains enjoying frequent hikes and backpacking. Every member of the family is involved in community leadership, church, and personal hobbies. Both his boys are pursuing military careers after being inspired by the many men and women their father has had the honor to work with.

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